Aircraft Cleaning

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Aircraft Cleaning Scotland | Aircraft Cleaning UK

Jet Water Services provide thorough and meticulous aircraft cleaning services throughout the UK. Although we primarily serve the Scottish airports, we are always more than happy to travel further afield, allowing clients based anywhere in the UK to benefit from our first class services.

Below is a brief description of the specific areas we focus on…


Pressure Washing

High power jet washing ensures the toughest layers of dirt are removed.


Cosmetic Washing

A closer wash that treats smaller areas of dirt with more attention. A service designed to provide detailed, glossy results.


Tech Washing

Tech Washing involves the intricate and meticulous cleaning of the landing gear.


Leather Seats

Damage can often arise to leather seats when improper products and cleaning techniques are used. Our specialised service ensures a thorough clean that doesn’t damage your leather or upholstery.



Sidewalls cleaning involves the use of a hard surface cleaner and a cotton based material to ensure no damage occurs during the cleaning process.


Removal of Dirty Water

A great deal of dirty water is produced during a through aircraft clean. When this is allowed to linger, it can lead to unsanitary conditions and pungent odours. The systems we have in place can remove this water on an industrial scale, leaving all sections of the aircraft clean and dry.


Risk Assessment

Our experience in cleaning aircraft extends to a knowledge of how to prevent future problems. We can advise on how to maintain your aircraft in safe and sanitary conditions.